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From the Editor…

Last month I ended this column by wishing both Jolly Jim and Dokke Sahertian the best of luck re: the long-overdue, UVW-staffers grudge match, which was destined to go down on the sprint track at Le Bug Show (on the legendary Spa F1 track). Well, as you’ll read in Jim’s report (page 74), things didn’t really work out as we’d hoped but, on the flipside, the banter and anticipation regarding who is quickest has just grown and will continue to do so until we get round to fixing Jim’s car. Pah, time to put all that behind us and move on.. for now! Of course, Jim is will be back – that’s the spirit of ‘Still Doin’ It!’, so watch this space… This month we have a great mix of events covering everything from the hedonism of the 30th anniversary of the original UK festival, Bug Jam, through to the Classic week in the USA and, of course, the behemoth of air-cooled action that is Le Bug Show in Belgium. Of course, we have some great vehicles, too – including not only a trophy winner from Le Bug Show, but also a couple of pretty unique VWs. And by unique, we mean rare… after all, when was the last time you saw a Fridolin on the road, or even a K70? I hope you enjoy this collection of summer fun, and be sure to check out the free Porsche special digital issue when you get time!


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