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From the editor….
Fresh back from a fun trip to Sandown Park, I’m filled with enthusiasm and simply can’t wait to dive into the 2016 show season!
Attending the show as a regular punter (i.e. without the trade stand etc) was a rare treat for me, and  it was a real pleasure to catch up with so many friends, faces and fans of UVW, too.
And, for those that made it along to Sandown Park, I’m sure you’l recongise this months cover car, which was on show in the lower halls. You’ll see from Dokke’s photos just how refreshing this car really is, and it’s pretty obvious why it was awarded a Top 20 trophy!
At first glance the car just looks so right, and it’s not immediately obvious that there’s anything drastically different about it, however your eyes are slowly drawn to those Cragar wheelsm and you begin to see that there are some touches that are just so subtle that they could be overlooked. Remember, these wheels are typically seen on US muscle cars, yet they look right at home on this subtle Oval. Here at HQ, we love the idea of thinking outside of the box, and it certainly makes a refreshing change to see what VW folk might consider to be an unusual set of rims (yet to yank fans, are a very popular choice!).
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