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From the Editor…

After this issue goes to press, I have set aside a day to tinker with UVWs Jolly Jim Warner’s street and strip Notchback. Regular reader’s may recall that we’ve sunk some time into reverting the car from ‘full-on’ drag car into a ‘not-very-friendly street car’, and it’s been a whole lot of fun over the past year or so. However, as was mentioned in Jim’s column last month, the car is being prepared for a ‘grudge match’ drag race at Le Bug Show in Spa, alongside our European Editor, Dokke Sahertian’s gasser-styled ’67 Bug. Neither car has seen the track in recent years, but these guys are two of my closest friends, and have been talking about who’s car would be the quickest. Therefore, having not touched the 2332cc, IDA-equipped motor in Jim’s car since it was fitted (!), I’ve promised to give it a once-over and a quick tune up. We’re just about to drive the car over to Kustom Restoworks in Essex, where Tim Billings is going to give it a safety check/once-over while I pretend to look busy in the rocker boxes! Anyway, if you want to see how our roadtrip to Le Bug Show in Belgium pans out (6-7 August), follow us on Facebook… and, of course, we’ll bring you the full story in an upcoming issue. Good luck to both Jim and Dokke… and may the biggest ego win! 


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