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From the editor….
Sometimes it’s good to really mix things up and run with some quirky and unusual features… and that’s exactly what’s happening this month! Ultra VW is renowned for gathering together an eclectic mix of VW offerings, with the odd curve-ball thrown in for good measure. Therefore, the fact that we’re feature an Eriba Familia caravan might not surprise everyone! After all, these little trailers are super-popular at VW events (especially across Europe), and I think the slammed, custom creation in this issue might just inspire some of you to hit the internet and track down your own vintage trailer trash! And, if you like a good story, the tale of Barry Burlile’s original Volks Rod is amazing. I won’t give too much away, but the history and story behind this survivor is simply amazing, and I’m sure you’ll love it, too. And then there’s the youth aspect to this issue. Given the high prices early, air-cooled VWs are commanding these days, it’s hardly a surprise that the next generation of V-Dubbers are dwindling in numbers. Fortunately, we’ve tracked down a couple of youngsters who are paving the way and setting a standard for others to follow!
So, I hope you enjoy this issue – it’s certainly been a lot of fun to put together! PK

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